We have been successfully offering participants from around the world, career and cultural opportunities since 2009.

CN INTERNSHIP has been specializing in creating tailored internship programs to bridge the gap between the East and West.

CN INTERNSHIP is responsible for bringing thousands of international participants to join our programs, whereby they learn, develop and grow to understand the cultural difference between Western and Eastern countries.

Our Reach

Our candidates came from different background and culture and are graduates from universities and  colleges looking for challenges, experience and opportunities abroad.

Who Are We?

CN Internship had been established since 2009 operating at both Hong Kong and Mainland China. We had been a very important co-department in our company and our fellow recruiting agency in recruiting and facilitating the internship students from all over the world.

Our Objective

We look forward to building up leadership, confidence, experience &  independence, and to provide a good opportunity and platform for both companies and internship.

Benefits for Interns

Unforgettable Internship with INTERNSHIP CN

Bringing your life and career to another level

Internship CN realizes your dream for a quality and reliable placement in China. The world’s Top 2 International trade market, a place you would want to spend.

China caters many opportunities for all career and statistic shows that around one million foreign students came to China every year for educational and career opportunities.


Our service for now is totally free.
Students only required to pay for their own visa application and formalities required by authorities and expenses for the cost of living.


Experience the place, location, lifestyle, economics, internship working experience.


Opportunity to Work abroad having the experience that is different from others.


Students have the opportunity to explore china and work at their interest at the same time. Yourrrre able to find better specifics 400 deposit bonus casino.
As a opportunity to change career path and gain connectivity.


Learning the Asian Chinese culture from using cutlery to using chopsticks in meals.
Trying their local delicacies and customs.

Mandarin Classes

We have very close partnership with institution providing such services conducting this classes.

About Membership

Internship CN membership is created to reward our students to get some exposure and information about going to China. The membership provide several consultation service for free to help students all around the world who wished to go to China. The services provided are value added service and money for worth service for our students.

Internship CN cater packages with services attached to support and help student to have a rewarding and well arrange experience in China.

Terms of our membership is upon annual subscription of £50 per person. However, you will get £20 off for your subsequent annual subscription if you recommend one friend who subscribed. We reward customers who referred us three or more friends who subscribed with lifetime membership.

You can apply our membership online at “Join Now”.

Welcome to be part of our Family.

About Internship

If you are still wondering or planning for your internship, Internship CN will be your best of choice. Providing you a quality Internship Placement in China a Country of more than 5000 years history.
As the most populous country on the planet an experience in China will not be forgotten. Along with majoring in bra studies and learning how to utilize two of the 45 billion chopsticks used each year, there are huge amounts to learn.


This vast country has some of the oldest cities in the world, bursting with history and culture, all conveniently connected by a super-fast system of planes and trains. Beijing’s Great Wall and Xian’s Terracotta Warriors are only the tip of the iceberg.

Work experience

The world’s fastest growing country is not just exporting manufactured good to the rest of the world at an amazing rate but also exporting its language and culture. Experience in the Chinese work place can give you the edge over your competitors anywhere in the world.


Mandarin Chinese, the lingua franca of mainland China, is the most spoken language in the world. Knowledge of Mandarin Chinese could be the extra string to your bow that lands you the job of your dreams


Now more than ever, your country needs young people who are aware of cultural differences. The culture in China plays a massive part in your experience and personal development here, from the palette of new flavors to the traditional ways of life.