Frequently Asked Questions

Applying for our program

How do I apply?

If you are applying for the membership, you can just click on Here or Click on the menu Our Services and then click on Our Membership Service.

You will need to apply and pay for the membership fee.

Please read the membership Terms and Conditions before application.

Feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries.


If you were to apply for an internship program, you will just need to click on the packages you required and pay online and our customer service will get contact with you within 48 working hours.

If you have any enquiries before application, please feel free to contact us for more information.

We hope you enjoy your Internship with us and we value your internship.

Do I qualify?

Applicants must be 18 years old and above. Most of our program participants are university/college students and graduates. However, we have arranged internships in the past for many non-students as well, including professionals who are looking for a career change in a new city.

We will hold an interview with you to check your qualification and also your physical and mental health. If you are not qualify, there will be some surcharge for service fee and we will refund you all the balance.

Is Chinese mandatory to join the internship program?

No. Chinese is not mandatory. Certain packages comes with a beginner mandarin lesson. If you are interested to pick up a foreign language, you can just pick up the mandarin classes and learn Chinese.

What should my CV include and who shall I address my cover letter to?

We handle your application and mediates between you and our internship host companies. Your CV should include details of your education, skills, previous work experience and personal statement. You can just address the cover letter to us.

In order to provide a good CV and to get you a good placement, we will provide you guidance for writing a CV. Always remember a good CV is how you show your first impression to your Employer, hence it is important to send a good one.

Tips: Do not lie about your career experience and education, it will be easily found out by interviewer.

What is the procedure after I've applied?

After application from our website, we will assess your information in detail. Relevant process will be done, if you are qualified, we will arrange an interview on Skype. We will then go through another filtering procedure. After these, we will recommend you to a company for another interview. If you are qualify for the job position, we will inform you via email and send you all relevant information and hereby you shall be ready for the flight tickets and visa to depart from your original destination to China.

For those who do not qualify for the job we will help you to get more interview before deadline until you are qualify. If it happen worst of the case that there is no placement for you, candidate can still choose to come to china and work together with Internship CN or choose to come here and explore China. On the other hand, candidates can choose to terminate the internship program and a small service will be charge.

Can I pay a deposit first instead of Full Amount?

Unfortunately, we do not accept deposit payment. We only accept FULL AMOUNT OF PAYMENT.

Balance of Payment will be refunded after confirmation of termination within 7-15 working days excluding public holidays and weekends.

Pricing of our Programs

What's included in the programs?

The program includes:
1.Internship Placement
3.Airport Pick Up and Transfer
4.Onboard bag
5. Orientation
6.24/7 Support & Assistance Onboard
7. Mandarin Classes
8.Cultural Activities

and Many More

Why is there a fee involved in the internship program at all?

There are fees included due to the pricey apartment in the city and various service and equipment provided.

Most of the fees stands of the price for the pricey apartment and tools and arrangement before and after your arrival.

When do I have to pay for my program?

You will need to pay for the program before interview and upon applications.

How does the placement process work exactly?

On the application form on our website, we ask each candidate to list their top three preferences for industry sector placement. With that information and the information we have from the personal Skype interview with you we start to identify suitable host companies according to your preferences and skills. If a company wants to interview you by phone or Skype before making a decision, we will put you in touch with them directly to arrange this. This is also a good way for you to learn more about the company before making a decision whether to take up any offer made by the company.

About the Internship

How fast can you find me an internship?

All programs must be booked at least 30 days in advance before your intended start date to give our program coordinators enough time to find a suitable internship position and secure your accommodation.

Will I be compensated for my work?

Due to the Strict Law governing the Visa applications by the Chinese Consulates, Only Working Visa, VISA Z, allows payment of salary.

Payment of stipend depend on  offer  by the hosting companies  whether to pay or not paid .

What industries do you offer internships in?

We offer internships in various industries, more on sales, marketing, business development, human resource and more.

Obtaining a visa for China

Is it easy to obtain a visa for China? What are the requirements?

We receive daily enquiries regarding the visa application for China. First of all, don’t worry; we will assist at every step of the visa application process. We will provide all the necessary documents and information for your visa. Most importantly, please ensure that your passport:
1)Does not expire within 6 months before your arrival date in China
2)Still has blank pages available.

When do I need to apply for a visa?

At least one month before your program start date.


What type of accommodation do you provide?

There are basically Three types of accommodations.

  1. Premium Apartment- Usually will be serviced apartment or share apartment in area that had some European feelings.
  2. Standard Apartment- Usually will be normal local shared room with the local under a same roof
  3. Homestay – Limited only provided if available and not necessary provided.

What do the apartments look like?

The accommodation has been hand-picked by our staff in a central location convenient to public transportation in Shenzhen. The apartments are modern, clean, and are fully furnished.

Is it possible to have a private apartment?

If you would like to have a private apartment you will need to let us know at least 4 weeks before your arrival date and there will be an additional charge as private apartments are more expensive.

How far are the apartments from the school/ host company?

Usually it will be aligned with the metro station or any other public transport.