I am a big fan of getting grounding stones on your tarot reading distance –particularly if you are an empath or if you’re reading on an emotionally charged issue.

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Lapis lazuli helps give the courage to embrace your true calling. A complicated and long-term item of work includes a natural pause, and now that you have some opportunity to reassess your progress, you’re no longer so sure that you need to continue. Life Course 8 — Power (or in online tarot certain decks, this is Justice) This makes it an excellent stone for tarot readings related to livelihood and your soul’s purpose. The Seven of Coins introduces an element of doubt, but it’s not a really terrible thing. Again, if you’re not certain what your tarot card is, read this first! It’s properties related to empowerment help out with assisting you to adopt your individual truth. You’ve been so immersed in the performing that you’ve lost track of WHY you began this project in the first location.

Life Route 5: Tarot Birth Card — The Hierophant. 8. Reconnect with your task. The Hierophant is your ancestral body of the tarot card.

Obsidian. Determine what changes might make it even more relevant and purposeful. Since the masculine counterpart to the High Priestess, he is sometimes referred to as the High Priest, the Pope or even the Shaman in certain decks. This black, occasionally silvery, iridescent stone is made from cooled lava. Then get back to work. As an archetype, he reflects our worldwide connection to the remainder of life on this planet, and also to what has gone ahead of us.

Popular types of obsidian are rainbow, black, snowflake, and “Apache Tears”. Among the six thousand moods you have (all of that can switch into a nano-second! ) ) : playful. The Hierophant, particularly, symbolizes the ways in which the events of the past have shaped our lives and how its energy touches us. All obsidian types are grounding and offer projection from negative energy.

The Six of Cups hints that this is going to be the dominant vibe of the week beforehand, so fill your schedule with fun, witty, and amusing people, places and activities. Concerning the Tarot Birth Card, it can be difficult to see, at first, how this archetype joins to the number 5, that is typically considered carefree, spontaneous and adventurous. If you are an empath, I would strongly recommend having obsidian, or a different grounding stone, on or nearby you. What a holy-sh*t-that’s-good forecast: to enjoy yourself and deliver your massive smile and loving character with you.

However, in fact, despite seeming to be ungrounded and fleeting, the 5 is most probably one of the numbers most connected to the essence of what it is to be human. It helps cleanse and repel different people’s energetic gunk! Some folks say that obsidian can be too tender, inducing those in a miserable state to feel worse. If you’re having fun, you’re irresistible, so who knows–love might be in the cards, too! That is because the 5 knows that we are all, at our core, citizens of planet Earth and why Number 5s can live so openly is that they are intrinsically, spiritually connected to her, where they roam. Stay in touch with your instinct and check in with yourself should you’re using obsidian. Have you made vacay plans yet?

If not, then this is an excellent week to get out the brochures and maps since sunlight is beckoning you to go towards a distant horizon. The Hierophant also knows and embodies this deep, rooted relationship and with it, the roots of humankind. Other divination utilizes: obsidian mirrors are traditionally used for scrying. Having a great trip to look forward to is a surefire way to help you get through the uuugh end of winter. He knows where he’s come out of, is interested in the stories and lessons of our ancestors and values the paths they’ve trodden ahead of us. 9. Knowing that there are warm, sunny and idle times ahead can help you to shed weight from the here and now. On the card, the Hierophant is portrayed in a formal church setting.

Black Tourmaline. Make your 2020 vacay some thing special. Facing them, two fellows of the church have been kneeling, prepared to be initiated into the formalities of the institution. I am a big fan of getting grounding stones on your tarot reading distance –particularly if you are an empath or if you’re reading on an emotionally charged issue. Start planning this week. In medieval times, the Hierophant was the equivalent of the Pope and represented the Spiritual and Political energy which came with this particular position.

Black tourmaline grounds also absorbs energy. Some people today don’t *get* Virgos, since they take your Page of Swords-esque faade as the whole story.